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About Chicago city

Chicago is the most magnificent city which is situated on the southwestern side of Lake Michigan. Chicago city is a full multicultural city and iconic museums across this beautiful Chicago and Calumet rivers. Chicago is well-known for its passionate sports city across all the United States. Chicago has lush green parklands covered with more than 3000 hectares area and becomes one of the best iconic natural beauty. Nearly about 86 a million tourists who admire the beauty of this place annually. Chicago is considered to be a second-highest ranking of commuters riding their bikes to go to their official work and one of the best foodie destinations you will ever discover to taste the world’s classy mouthwatering dishes.

Attractions You Must Visit in Chicago

Chicago is a beautiful city which is full of historic top-class museums and art gallery. Here we give you the list of attractions where you can visit and make your trip more memorable:

Chicago history museum: Chicago history museum is situated in Lincoln Park. This place tells about your history of interpreting of Chicago.
Willis Tower Sky deck: One of the most visited attractions in Chicago, you can ride 103 floors and get the beautiful view of this city from the top of the Willis Tower.
Art Institute of Chicago: The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the most historic and largest museums in Chicago. This place is found in 1879 and it is located in Chicago’s Grant Park.
Museum of Contemporary Art: The Museum of Contemporary Art is situated in the downtown area of Chicago city which is nearer to the water tower. This museum art was established in 1967 and considered the world’s best contemporary venues.
Chicago Riverwalk: The Chicago Riverwalk is situated on the south bank in downtown Chicago where you can enjoy the short drive to Lakes Street.
Time out Market Chicago: This place is full of the world’s best food and drinking destination with the city’s topmost chef, in addition, you can enjoy all cultural activities under one sky.
The Field Museum: The Field Museum is one of the largest history museums around the world. This place is talking about the primer history including all scientific and educational programs.
Chicago Cultural Centre: The Chicago culture center is an official reception at Chicago’s venue where you find all royalty of Chicago.

Best Time To Visit Chicago

Chicago beauty experience with beautiful weather conditions likewise humid hot summers and strong windy cold winter. The best time is to consider to view this city with your loved ones from May to October when temperature lies in-between 12 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius whereas May and June having little rainy weather season where you need to come with umbrellas.

January and February is an ideal time to visit and enjoy the snowy cold weather with your loved ones. During this season, you will find flights to Chicago at very low fares and also have great flight deals on best hotels and accommodations.

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